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Debbie was commissioned by the voluntary group Brighter Bervie

Many Thanks to the multitude of project management help from Tom Campbell Chair of Brighter Bervie and many of the other members of the Brighter Bervie community group for their ideas and support with the project, and in helping select and shape the sculpture design.

Debbie has worked with a variety groups on the project, and gives thanks to the Group Leaders, Teachers and support assistants for their help and collaboration in supporting group members participation, development and expression of ideas, designs and workshop participation. Many Thanks also to the community of Bervie for being so welcoming and assisting in the project.

Bervie Primary School

Bervie Church Centre

Bervie Parent and Toddlers Group

Bervie Pre-School Group

Castle Lodge Care Home

Herd Centre

Knit and Natter group

Living Rooms Centre

Inverbervie Beavers

Inverbervie Cubs

Inverbervie Rainbows

Inverbervie Scouts

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