bwDebbie is an arts co-ordinator and professional mosaic artist who specialises in arts project management through collaboration and community engagement, contemporary mosaics and exterior sculptures. Debbie creates vibrant and intriguing contemporary artwork for public and private settings. Debbie creates artwork that explores and celebrates the multiplicity of the natural world. The materials she uses reflect the variety and vibrancy of nature, often using indulgently bright and decorative mosaic forms.

Debbie has worked on a range of projects from a large indoor mosaic mural project 8m x 4m in size (Here is the project Blog). To exhibiting at the World Expo in Shanghai, China (Blog here). Debbie has won awards for her mosaic, at an International Mosaic exhibition in Exeter at the Opus Mosaic Gallery Debbie’s was awarded Best Mosaic (People’s Choice). In addition to China, Debbie has also exhibited internationally in Auckland, New Zealand at the UKTI New Zealand Head Quarters aswell as in her hometown of Liverpool, co-ordinating and exhibiting at the Liverpool Biennial several times.Debbie has led art projects and made work for a variety of private collectors. Her clients include: Brighter Bervie, Wild in Art, Museum of Science and Industry, Liverpool Vision and Earthskin Muriwai.

Most recently, Debbie’s work was featured on the BBC 2 programme Beachgrove Garden, where several sculptures made in collaboration with the local community of Bervie. Commissioned by the voluntary group Brighter Bervie. Debbie is currently developing a new body of work at her studio in WASPS Artist Studios, Hanson Street, Glasgow.